MS Word locks header.doc used in SQL application for the header of a report.

Jan Mishkin
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We have 15 users using a SQL dB with an Access front end.  Everyone can run a report that grabs a MS Word header (header.doc) and then closes it when the report is done so it can be used again.  One user's PC will not kill the open doc which means if she tries to run the report a second time she gets an error message saying the file is locked.  Going into debug shows the following command that runs:

If dir("C:\Accesssystemfiles\header.doc") " " Then _
     Kill ("C:\Accesssystemfiles\header.doc")

it appears to be locked by MS  Word process that starts on the first run and then remains open in the background.
Since it works on everyone elses' PCs I presume there might be something in Word that is causing the issue. We are all running the MS Suite 365 latest and greatest but the header.doc was created in an older version; could that possibly be a problem?  Does anyone have any thoughts on how to proceed to fix this or troubleshoot it?  When I try this on the user's desktop the Word

Added information:
I opened Task Manager and saw on my machine (which works fine) that when I run the report (which technically is using Access for the report and SQL for the data) I find that I click the Run Report and about 1 second later a Word (Background Process) opens up and stays open for about 2 seconds and then closes. I can keep doing this over and over again and my local header.doc file is not locked.  When I go to the problem machine I click on Run Report and the Word (Background Process) opens and stays open until I close the report screen.  The process then closes between 30-40 seconds later but the file remains locked.  

I did try disabling the antivirus and malware preventers, closed Microsoft Teams, confirmed she is running the same version of Word as I am (32bit) which was recently downloaded from Microsoft to try to fix this issues, made sure the permissions on header.doc were set properly.  

Any other thoughts on this?
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We have not solved this problem so the user's PC is being rebuilt.

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