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i have multiple ms accounts and I always use visual studio community 2015 IDE as well as TFS Online.
My issue is: sometime MS Visual Studio keeps remember my first ms account for e.g. client A. When I try to sign out and sign in another MS account for client B - TFS online
It does not allow me to connect client B - TFS online. Seem like the cache issue but have no idea how to fix it
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

This isn't the be all solution, but as a workaround does it work if you use different web browsers?


I did try same issue
Something other things to try:

A)  Clear the browser cache.  (Every browser has a slightly different process.)  Then close and restart the browser.
B)  Open the browser in private (incognito) mode.  (Should always work.)
C)  Close the browser (not just the Visual Studio tab) and retry.
D)  Close the browser, log out, and start over.

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