SQL Table Index (on Azure) Preventing MS Access ODBC Link

I use Azure SQL as my Access backend.  I tried to relink a table yesterday but it wouldn't link and gave me the following error message:  

'Tblsales_salesstore_status.idx' is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long.

Using SSMS I renamed the index by deleting the ".idx" extension and now my table will link but the index stopped working.  Now my queries are slow and some won’t work (time out).

I would guess that this is a quick fix for an expert and wouldn't mind paying someone to fix it.
steve lemmonAsked:
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Just delete the index and then rebuild it.
steve lemmonAuthor Commented:
Actually there were 3 indexes and my data is in "deadlock".  I can add new records but can't edit them, not even the new ones.

I deleted all 3 indexes and still my data is in deadlock.  It's just affecting 1 table.  I can't even open that table.  I can only see data in that table by doing a query.
can you delete the entire database and reload it from Access?
steve lemmonAuthor Commented:
I discovered that my main problem was that my MS Access front end was corrupt.

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