How to reduce the file size of a PDF

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How to reduce the file size of a PDF
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What application did you create the PDF in. If it was Adobe Acrobat Pro then you can open the PDF and the click "Save Other" and choose Reduced size PDF. If that isn't the application then I would need to know specifically what PDF application created the file.
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Lots of PDF products can do it. Here are five examples (there are many more):

Adobe Acrobat
Save As Other>Reduced Size PDF
Save As Other>Optimized PDF

Coherent PDF
command line tool...option is -squeeze

Foxit PhantomPDF
File>Reduce File Size
File>Optimize Scanned PDF
File>PDF Optimizer

Nuance Power PDF

Tracker PDF-XChange Editor
File>Save as Optimized

Regards, Joe

To reduce the size of PDF file I found an informative article for you Here is the link.

or You can prefer this article also. Thanks
1. Go to
2. Open the folder with the PDF.
3. Click and drag the PDF to the Drop PDF here icon.
4. Click Download File Now.
5. Select a saving location.
6. Click Save.

I hope this helps
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In order to reduce the size of PDF files you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro application. But, if are finding some other alternative which can help you to compress PDF files in batch. Then, you can use SysTools PDF Toolbox software. This utility allows you to reduce the size of PDF documents in batch. Moreover, it allows you to select the compression algorithm and compression quality also. Once, you reduce the size of the PDF document, it becomes easy to carry around.

Visit the link & reduce the size of a PDF file:


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