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PowerShell script to format data in Clipboard

I'd like to have a PowerShell script that reads the contents of my clipboard, parses and formats the data, then re-writes the clipboard so I can paste it in formatted.
The entire process is, copy data to clipboard, press hot-key shortcut to the script (ctrl+alt+q for example), script re-writes the clipboard, then I paste clipboard to destination.

I have data like this:
IP Address:
Mac Adress: ab-cd-12-34-56-78-90
User Name: Grace Jones
Domain: Forrest-1
OU: Sales and Engineering
Department: Sales
Manager: Gus Fring
Location: ABQ
Computer Name: AsdfNiner5er
The output I'd like only certain fields, in a certain order, not all fields are present with each copy, sometimes Mac-Address: isn't there, or IP: isn't populated. Basically you can not assume that any one of the lines above will be present and or not populated. "IP: x.x.x.x" may be missing entirely, or "Mac-Address: " might not be populated after the colon. When they are not present, and or not populated, I don't want to see them in the output either.
    Mac-Address: AB-CD-12-34-56-78-90
    User Name: Grace Jones
There are dozen's more input fields , and a few more the output, but that's the basic's. I figure "get-clipboard" and "set-clipboard" will do the trick nicely, I just have no idea about the parsing/formating.
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Save this as a .ps1 and assign a shortcut key to it:
$clipboard = @(Get-Clipboard)
$newCB = @()
foreach ($cb in $clipboard) {
   $aCB = @($cb.Split(":"))
   if ($aCB.Count -gt 1) {
	$newCB += $cb
Set-Clipboard -Value $newCB

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I like this so far, now for the formatting, I want to throw away most of the lines of input, and only have a select few put back into the clipboard (output).
And I still want what is on both sides of the colon, the entire line is fine, I just want to output certain lines, and in a certain order, rather than just alphabetically or numerically. I want to format the input into a certain output. Does that make sense? My example I don't think made that clear :) I see that now.
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I am going to accept Qlemo's solution, I had to add a space before the colons in lines 4 and 6 to match my real data :)
My next question will build off of this one, running a command like "nslookup" when what's on the right of the colon for "IP Address : " is not null, and or when I want to open a another program based on what's on the right of the colon. I'll post that follow on Q here too.