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Missing emails, Exchange 2013 on Premise , Outlook 2010, Barracuda SPAM filter

Hello,  I have a user that is reporting that she did NOT not receiving emails from a customer between 10-22-2018 and 10-24-2018.  
 I checked the spam filter and the customer is "whiteListed".

In the SPAM filter,  I can see all the emails that were sent to the employee from the customer as being "delivered" during this time frame.  

I then logged into the exchange 2013 server and did a delivery report and can see all the emails were delivered to the users mailbox from the customer during this time frame..  

But, if you login to the users mailbox using either Outlook 2010 or the OWA.  you can Not see any emails from this customer during that time frame.  I checked the deleted items, and also the "recover deleted items" and can't find any emails from this customer during that time.
  I also looked to see if she had any rules in her outlook client that might have moved the emails to a different folder and there is NOT any rules.....

where else can I look to find where these emails might have gone?

Thank you for your help.

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