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while watching videos getting - Error Code : PLAYER_ERR_TIMEOUT

I am getting frequently below err message  while watching videos.
The browser I am using is Chrome.

Error Code

please advise how to fix this issue.
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019

This likely means what's stated, the streaming service hosting the video actually did timeout.

This error occurs in forums for FireFox also.

Post a URL to the exact video you were watching. Maybe someone can figure problem from URL.

If this is some sort of paid course (videos behind PayWall) then you'll contact the site owner + open a ticket with them.
mac_gAdmin - Middleware Servers


I am watching some paid video course.
where I am getting this  error more frequently.

please advice from my side how to fix this issue.
mac_gAdmin - Middleware Servers


Looks issue with speed of the net
Admin - Middleware Servers
looks issue with net speed