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Criteria in query not working from unbound form value

I am building a query in Microsoft Access that is getting it's criteria from a form.  I want it to show all donations where the dollar amount is greater than the number entered into the form field.  The unbound form field is named MinAmount.  In my query, my criteria for the donationAmount field is >[forms]![frmExcel-Col-1]![MinAmount].

When I run the query, I get no results.  When I remove the criteria, it's fine ... I get a ton of results. Yes, there are many donations that are greater than 100, so even with the criteria in place, I should get results.  I've tried making the field a general number, currency, etc.  Nothing seems to matter.  What have I overlooked?  Pulling my hair out by now!  

Thank you for any suggestions and help!
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8/22/2022 - Mon