Hyper v machine out of disk space

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I have a server 2012 with a Raid 1 hosting a virtual machine. Total allocated disk is 460 gb and the virtual machine disk space was filled up somehow very fast. Hyper.v machine wont boot as a result. Can I pop another hard drive in that server to reallocate a larger raid disk size to increase the space? If I put a 2tb in there can I somehow fix this?
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Drop a couple disks in, set up a RAID 1 array, then move the offending VHDX over to the new drive set.

Open the VM's properties and change the path for that VHDX.

Does there happen to be any CheckPoints/Snapshots of that VM? If yes, then it's the AVHDX differencing disk that has caused things to fill up.

The only way to fix that is to manually merge the differencing disk(s) into the parent (TechNet Article). It would need to happen on that new set of drives as a new parent needs to be created during the process.


No, no snapshots. Will try this suggestion in about 4 hours.
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>Can I pop another hard drive in that server to reallocate a larger raid disk size to increase the space?

Without knowing what the server/RAID controller is that would be pure guesswork.
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If your server is important to your network and must be online whole time, try this

Add disk to server (it can be USB external drive in extreme situation) - for temporary solution
Move vhdx files to this disk, change configuration to point VM to this vhdx files - it should work for a while
Purchase 2 bigest disks to replace in Raid1
Replace first disk in RAID, but this time use bigger disk and let Raid rebuild
When Raid will rebuild, replace second disk and let Raid rebuild.

In Disk manager, convert disk to GPT if wasn't before
Now you going to be able extend partition using free space. You going to be able resize partition using Windows Disk Manager or some software like AOMEI

After that move vhdx files back to new extended partition.

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