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Distribution List Recipient Type

I exported a list of all distribution groups and members from our Office 365 tenant to a csv file.   The "recipienttypes" are shown in the attached document.  I'm trying to figure out what the recipenttype "user" means.  I googled it but couldn't make any sense out of anything I saw related to the subject.  Thanks in advance for your help!Recipient-Types.docx
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It's a user, but not a valid Exchange recipient. Think Office 365 user without an Exchange Online license. You can get a list of such objects via:

get-user -RecipientTypeDetails User

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or via the MSOnline module:

Get-MsolUser | ? {$_.ProxyAddresses.Count -eq 0 -and $_.UserType -eq "member"}

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Tammy RuleO365 Administrator


Thank you Vasil!  What you said helped me figure out that user type has groups syncing to the O365 portal from the onprem AD.  I never considered that before now.