Devexpress MVVM Framework Windows Forms - Any helpful resources to learn other than devexpress own documentation?

question.docxHi, attached is my main problem and I'll do my best to explain it as best I can. I am your standard Windows Forms developer and have been tasked with developing a new app using devexpress MVVM framework in Winforms. Bottom line is I'm hacking my way around it as I lack the knowledge of how to use it properly.

Now I'm looking for any resource which I simply cannot find that explains that framework top to bottom.  I'm aware of the basics i.e Keep the UI dumb, put your logic in the ViewModel. Ideally what I'm looking for is an example of a parent view model that has a property that is a CollectionViewModelBase where the entities are bound to a grid control and the parent view model is responsible for maintaining that collection.

My problem is two fold - one is the problem attached and the second is it seems a near impossible task to learn this framework as the documentation is sorely lacking. Has anyone used this framework before and what helped them get up and running? Please no WPF - that's all I've ever found on this subject.
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi Rich,

Couple of questions, have you checked MVVM documentation from this link :

And how comfortable you are with MVVM as a concept?

I am on cell and not able to get the  document, may I request to post it as a part of your question?

RichAuthor Commented:
Hi Chinmay, it should be attached at the very start as question.docx.

I'm fairly up to scratch with what MVVM is and POCO ViewModels and yes I have seen that document.
What I'm looking for is clear explanations of SingleObjectViewModel and CollectionViewModelBase with parent and child relationships or ideally a few examples.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Not getting you. Your question is in the document? or is it in the question you have asked. If the question is what you have asked i.e. sample/tutorial have you checked:

SingleObjectViewModel is the base class for POCO view models exposing a single entity of a given type and CRUD operations against this entity.

CollectionViewModel is the base class for POCO view models exposing a collection of entities of a given type and CRUD operations against these entities.
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RichAuthor Commented:
It's more two questions. One of which is in my document in my first post. That is quite a helpful sample however but it doesn't really help with my problem in the document. Is there more samples you could perhaps point me to online? Thanks for your help up to this point.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
No Rich there was this only sample I could find. And I was dead tired yesterday i wanted to write a long explanation but had no energy. I think I can do better now. And I was not sure, how would you react to it (some people like it when  you deviate from the question while trying to help, some people just want answers).

Couple of points, I come from WinForms background, i still write WinForms apps BUT I would not prefer using MVVM pattern on WinForms, the major concepts that power MVVM and are beneficial when they are used with WPF, I am afraid trying to forcibly use them in WinForms will do more harm than good. You will end up doing a lot of hacking - even though it is powered by the framework created by DevXpress ( I am sure those guys know what they are doing - no... I don't get paid by them for the good words) - I think without a solid business justification, you should not try to take that route.

Things will become harder to maintain in WinForms if you take this route. Also have you checked the supportability part from DevXpress side? suppose you build the app in next couple of months and the framework goes 'puff' next year then?
And while I think their framework is dead simple, let us take our current scenario only. You had to struggle a lot to find a simple demo/documentation, what will happen when you try to build a complex business app? So my request is to rethink your approach or at least flag it to others so if tomorrow things go south, they can't blame you for... well.. you get the picture, right?

Also, DevXpress has a github repository, If you search with MVVM, WinForms, you will get some results - some of them might be relevant to your question:✓&q=WinForms%2C+MVVM&type=&language=

And the second question, please post a new question OR extract the content from the document and post it using normal question option - you can add code using "[ code ]" tag(without spaces and double inverted commas) and click on image in the editor to add an image - it basically increases the possibility to engage other experts. Your question was unique - actually I am seeing it first time in my life, someone trying to implement MVVM in WinForms - it is damn interesting, if this was not the case, I think I would have skipped it. Many a times, asker is not serious when they don't put in  efforts to put the question text in the editor - I am not saying that's the case with you. You clearly have a really good question at your hand.

PS:... I was talking about a long explanation right? :)
RichAuthor Commented:
That makes perfect sense. I figured this MVVM pattern was more for WPF due to the sheer amount of examples on devexpress using WPF and their MVVM framework. You've pretty much confirmed what I thought. I emailed the guy in charge of the project and he wants to soldier on with it anyway. If I were in charge - I'd probably stop, take the time to learn WPF properly if we needed to use MVVM and rewrite the damn app but alas I am just a programmer haha. Thanks for your help.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Also do ask them if the end goal is the eventual migration to WPF or not? In that case, you can put in extra efforts and think through the WinForms aspect in alignment of WPF. To tell you the turth, WPF is not necessarily the only way to implement MVVM - but it will make it a lot easier. All the best :)

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