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Need To Reindex Woo Commerce Site Search

I need to force a reindex of my woo commerce 3.5 site search.  I am using the standard site search (since I can find no plugin, for search.)  I have gone to Woo Commerce settings and don't see a tab for index like some of the internet results show.

Please tell me how to reindex or start over with my search index.

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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019

The easiest way to do this is...

1) Setup a sitemap plugin.

2) Verify your domain with Google.

3) Specify sitemap file to match file name produced by #1.

4) Verify sitemap entries your current site setup.

5) Change your site layout.

6) Regenerate your sitemap.

7) Verify sitemap entries your new site structure.

8) Wait for Google to retire your old links + index your new links. (Can be hours to weeks.)


David, I don't need anything done with a site map.  Only, a site search.  As I mentioned, in the original question the site search I am using I want to keep just reindex it.
You don't need to re-index according to WooCommerce documents but you can initiate a rebuild

Indexing is a a fully automated process. Usually it does not require any particular action on your part.

These controls are available:

Start : This will start the indexer when it is not running.
Stop : This will stop the indexer.
Rebuild : This will completely rebuild the index.
Normally, you would not need to use these controls and the indexer should always be kept running. Please note that if the indexer is stopped while there are remaining entries left unprocessed, the search results that are obtained will not include all matching products.

The system will automatically index all products in your store and keep everything up-to-date. When you add, modify or remove products, the indexer will update its database by itself. You do not need to do anything to have your store indexed and the Search Engine’s database up-to-date.


Hi Randy,  I need to rebuild it then.  What is the procedure to initiate a rebuild of the index?
Just click the rebuild button in the  search  tab - index. See WooCommerce documents
That's all in WooCommerce Settings section.


I don't see that tab that's why I mentioned this is Woo Commerce 3.5 because this is all I see when I click on Woo Commerce settings:

Sorry, I didn't notice that those settings are in an extension called "WooCommerce Product Search" which is $50 for a single site.  it comes with a
30-day money-back guarantee.

Product Search


Yes, I know about that option but as I mentioned previously I prefer to stick with the default site search.  Can you help me with that one?
My guess is that there is no way to interact with the default site search. That's probably why it is a part of the extension.


Thanks, your answer caused me to look at the permalinks and that fixed the problem.