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we have a tmg 2010 in our branch office. it has direct connection to the internet with a single network card. company wants to route the traffic through the HQ and we installed a new tmg 2010. configured web chaining by defining the upstream server in our branch procy. we get dns error. wen chaining does not work.

any help is appreciated
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Can you do at least a drawing of what is the situation?

What I understand is

Internal infrrastructure =>TMG  (single card) => Internet

Internal infrrastructure =>TMG  (single card) => Server with Web Chainning )=>  Internet ?

Why don't you just do a Site to Site VPN with hardware not just TMG2010s?


Deployed a TMG 2010 in HQ with two IC. Internal and external. Internet is working on hq clients using the hq TMG.
Internet for the two sites should be through Hq. installed two tmg servers with single nic in each site. Configured chaining but does not work.
On the TMg server itself in the sites it dives dns erors.
On the client it says the policy denied connections.
chaining worked using the standard configuration

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