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Hi there, I am trying to connect to the TSheets( API, and load all the job codes into a table . I can successfully connect and get the JSON, but I currently have to hard code the job code in order to get the info. I am stuck on how to get the codes via the keys/item in the dictionary.  In the example below, '5834988' is the job code, but I have to hard code it in. I just want to pull '5834988' via the dicationary.

Sample JSON:

 "results": {
  "jobcodes": {
   "5834988": {
    "id": 5834988,
    "parent_id": 0,
    "assigned_to_all": true,
    "billable": false,
    "active": true,
    "type": "regular",
    "has_children": false,
    "billable_rate": 0,
    "short_code": "",
    "name": "Job 1000"


Set p = JsonConverter.ParseJson(jsonStr)
    For Each key In p("results")("jobcodes").Keys
        Debug.Print p("results")("jobcodes")("5834988").item("id")
        Debug.Print p("results")("jobcodes")("5834988").item("parent_id")
        Debug.Print p("results")("jobcodes")("5834988").item("active")
        Debug.Print p("results")("jobcodes")("5834988").item("type")
        Debug.Print p("results")("jobcodes")("5834988").item("name")
    Next key
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I figured it out :) The line below will get the me job code I need.

p(Key); Key

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