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offsite backup for this terminal server

We have one terminal server running on window server 2008 R2 in our office,we are planning to setup offsite backup for this terminal server .In normal circumstance ,this offsite backup TS server is power off and just power on during the disaster . Below is the question i have:

1.Do i need purchase additional window server 2008 R2 license ?
2.Do i need purchase additional RDS license ?
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I just ask our vendor ,they said this server is installed using OLP license .What is this mean ?
OLP is open License program , that means you might have Software assurance covered

So you might not require a windows License if SA is covered
for the terminal server ,we still in workgroup due to application can not support AD.

we can use the user cal license to put in the offsite terminal backup server and shut in down if DR happen ?
Are they in the same workgroup if yes then there should be no problem at all. If they are not in the same workgroup then also you can install and activate the RDS license server it will issue temp cals
You might be better off replicating to the remote site.  Though you may need another Windows license for this, it should prevent issues with CALs.  If you use Hyper-V to host your RDS VM, it's free and in my opinion easy.  VMWare (I Think) has a paid option to replicate.