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I have a workstation centered around a thunderbolt 3 hub ( that I connect my MacBook Pro to. I have an external monitor, speakers, etc. connected. I also have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard paired with my MacBook Pro. I would like to make this a workstation that another MacBook Pro user can utilize (we both have thunderbolt 3 Mac laptops). In order to make this a very simple transition between laptops, it would seem that rather than pairing the keyboard/mouse with the laptop it should be paired with a usb bluetooth adapter plugged into the hub. That way, the laptops don't have to unpair/pair when switching (the laptops would be in close enough proximity to make some sort of "unpairing" necessary).  Unfortunately it appears Apple doesn't recognize external bluetooth adapters. Is there a workaround for this, or have I tried the wrong adapters?

We thought about using a 2.4 ghz keyboard -- but can't find one that closely mimics our Apple keyboard and mouse (we use the magic keyboard and magic mouse).
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Unfortunately, Apple has a very limited Bluetooth support.  The only way for that to work properly, at this current time, is to use a 2.4 ghz keyboard or use separate bluetooth keyboards and mice.

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