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Dear experts,

I was looking at videos which complement Good notes 4. I can came across the one below:

The presenter is discussing, at time scale 8m  32sec, an app where i could write math formulae (not using key board) on an app and it calculated the result.
I have my Itunes account with country as India. I do not think it is available for India Itunes account.

I use good notes for writing my MAth theorems from Real analysis, measure and integration, number theory, linear algebra, vector spaces, ODE/PDE, probability.

Kindly can anyone provide me a list of similar apps ranked by preference.

I will then look for those which are available for India.


Thank you
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How about Evernote?  The basic version is free and quite popular.  Why would you spend $7.99 on Good Notes?


Hi Serialband,

Thank you

Does evernote calculations like what 'Calculator' was performing in the above video?

I would like to mention that my question is for math calculation (similar to the one shown in the video) and not for note-taking app.

Kindly guide me.



Below is the app i was referring to
I got that one back when it was offered for free.  I didn't know that you were just looking for a calculator.  I thought you also needed a note taking app.  OneNote will do both.

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