Drive is full. How to delete Backup sets

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Hello, I have Backup Exec 2012 Version 14 Rev 1798
I got the following error:
I have the following error: The disk is out of space.  As retention periods expire for backup data on the disk device, Backup Exec re-uses the disk space.

To provide more disk space, you can create additional disk storage devices on other drive letters.  You can also delete the backup sets disk that are no longer needed from this disk storage device.

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Yes the F:\ drive is full...

And this is Disk storage 0003

I am wondering how do i find the backup sets that are targeting the F Drive so i can delete them ?

I am deleting some backup sets...but the drive is not decreasing....

See attachments.

Thanks for your help
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Right Click on C Drive go to properties you will see Disk Cleanup Option there Click on it and let it run in the end select everything and Click Ok

Believe it or not, you need some disk space to delete files. I would start deleting small files until I have enough free space to get rid of big ones.

If you have absolutely nothing let, when you delete something, it goes to your recycling bin, so space may be required to actually delete it. To bypass the recycling bin, hold the shift key and press the delete button when the file you want to delete is selected (highlighted)So try Shift+Delete, and see if that works.
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I am not talking about regular files....i am talking about Bexec backup stuff on the F drive. did you see the screenshots ?
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With BE you have to be aware of *their* concept of time, if a backup started 24 hours ago and has only just completed it is a few minutes old rather than a day old. A common mistake was to set expiry to 7 days rather than 6 for weekly jobs.

Deleting old backup sets manually can be a pain as the Windows and BE GUIs are not in sync with each other. Screenshots can be changed on EE. not going there again.

yes I saw your snapshots. You first want to know what backup is located on the F: drive. I am not familiar with Backup Exec, but I would think that you could look in the F: drive and find the backup instance names, and then go to your backup software and delete the one that match.

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