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Aamer M
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We are testing the following scenario for a classroom.
We have a thin client that will be used in a meeting room. The thin client will be connected to a monitor and also connected to a big LED display.
I have two questions:
1.      How can we connect to a remote desktop session on either a client or a server desktop using a thin client?
2.      Will two displays work over a RDP session.
Do we need something like citrix Xendesktop or vmware horizons for getting this scenario work. or can I connect a thin client directly to a demote deskop.
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Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter Solutions

It depends on your performance requirement and bandwidth availability, and also your Server OS. Windows Server 2012 and later have RemoteFX optimization and gives you good results on thinclients in the local LAN if the thinclient can use the necessary RDP protocol version. For WAN scenario and older OS a solution with Citrix can be worth the additional costs.

RPD in general is possible with multiple displays. It depends on your thinclient if it can handle multiple displays.

thin client itself a complete system ... where you can publish applications along with o/s to a thin client session... RDP session is the application/s published over RDS serve..

if you want to use both either you can use thin client application or  windows RDS server

to ease the job we are using Parallels RAS (remote applicatio server ... which works on RDS server.. (
easy to manage similar to citrix... and publish Thinclient as well ar RDS session as well as application publishing you can do..

the above can be done by citrix as well

all the best
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

First off - what thin client is it?

Secondly - most, if not all, allow you to create at least one RDP connection but not knowing which thin client it is makes it difficult to advise as there are many different vendors with many different OS's embedded into them.

Some thin clients natively support two displays - the Wyse 3040 sat on my desk right now, for example, has two display port ports for two screens.

RDP supports two screens and has for a while, but again, it would be helpful to know the OS you are trying to RDP into.

In essence, yes it should be possible. No, you shouldn't need extra hardware or possibly even licenses. Nor should you need extra software such as Citrix for just a single connection depending what you're doing (technically, the 'free' RDP license is for remote administration only).
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Great. so i understand that i connect the monitor, the smartboard to the thin client. configure a windows 7 or a windows server 2012 for remote desktop. make sure i am able to connect to the server or windows 7 machine using rds. then i power on the thin client. configure the dettails of the server and the user details in the thin client and i should be able to connect.

am i right in this.

i just need to test this multiple monitor functionality so that i can use it in the meeting room.

i am told you need a full citrix xendesktop vdi solution to be able to do this.

presently my convern is not vdi, i just want to connect to a remote desktop from a thin client. thats it.

can i do it without citrix and all that stuff. please advise.

about the thin client itself, i have two models still sealed in the boxes, i can get the models tomorrow if required. one if from HP , the other i am not sure.

but i can connect to a remote desktop directly form a thin cleint without setting up the whole infrastrcuture

i.e A new domain, citrix delivery controller, storefront server, etc etc

please advise
Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter Solutions
Sure, you do not need Citrix in this setup
Lead Technical Architect
You absolutely don't need Citrix or any other kind of VDI offering for this, but I would suggest to be in line with licensing you really should have an RDS CAL for each user connecting.

You can simply set up an RDP connection on the thin client to the server in question.

WIndows 2012 and 7 both support multi displays in a session.
Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter Solutions

As Tony Johncock said, do not forget licensing.

For a connection to Windows Server you need a RDS CAL (but I would recommend a RDS Device CAL not a User CAL, so you do not need a license for each user). For access to a virtual Windows Client OS (For example Windows 7 or Windows 10), you need a VDA License (Virtual Desktop Access License). Maybe you also need special licenses for MS Office if you run it in a Terminalserver environment.
OK, I will just throw my two cents in this discussion as we do this everyday.

1.  How do you connect?  Depending on the thin client they will have the Microsoft Terminal Services Client if it is Windows, and if it is Linux it will have linux RDP supporting client.

2.  Two displays work fine, we run Wyse thin clients with Windows 7 embedded, and most of our workstations run 2 displays over RDP, and this is across WAN links, in some cases only a T1 with a dozen or workstations at each site.  Now that said, what are you going to be looking at?  If it is graphic intensive or video then you may some issues.  RemoteFX and a higher spec thin client will help.  Ours are now 7-8 years old.  That kind of stuff runs fine from the thin, but not over RDP.  Also size the VM appropriately.  Also consider your resolution, but if it is all local probably not an issue.

Citrix is not required if you just connect to a Windows or Server VM.

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