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Hi I will like to know which could be the best DB open source for blockchain
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There are many options available.The MongoDB is a good choice. It is a NoSQL  Database.The BigChainDB
could also be implemented.

In actual  Decentralized database is appropriate for blockchain.
Altough Decentralized control eliminates the risks of centralized control. Anybody with sufficient access to a centralized database can destroy or corrupt the data within it. Users are therefore reliant on the security infrastructure of the database administrator.

Blockchain has decentralized databases that do not require an administrator and carry out transactions via parties unknown to each other. Being decentralized, these transactions are encrypted, highly secure and unalterable. Blockchain databases also offer high performance and confidentiality to users

gskTechnology consultant
to add further CouchDB is already bundled in hyperledger fabric and to handle blocks ..propritiary level db is already there

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