Bypassing the "Great Firewall of China"

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I am traveling to China for a couple weeks and I would like to use a VPN to bypass the "Great Firewall of China". Is there a free VPN I could use while I am traveling around? Bandwidth is not a huge issue I mostly would like to check my gmail etc., I am using an iPhone SE.
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I used Turbo VPN when I was there. Just make sure you get the correct one, Apple store has two similar ones.

Express VPN also works. Eventually got it to use on my laptop. It also has a mobile app.
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Side note:  If traveling on business, expect to be eavesdropped on while in China.  Don't bring in anything with valuable information on it.  Bring in just the hardware, then load your information over a secure VPN once there, and securely erase all valuable information before leaving the country.  And never, ever let your computer leave your person.
My brother went on business a few years back

I ended up cloning his drive and installing the image on a new drive and deleted everything that wasn't absolutely needed.
When he got back, the disk was reformatted and replaced with the original

In addition to the advice given above, don't under estimate the benefits of encrypting your disk
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Thanks for your help. I will go with the Express VPN. Check this link out of how China is watching everyone. China Surveillance

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