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How to i replicate a ProductIF function where i multiply values based on criteria vs adding them?

Is there an Excel ProductIF function?  
I basically want to reproduce a SumIf function whereby a value in a column corresponds to a value in a range to multiply against another column across from it containing a value .. in this case, i want to lookup a value in .. i've attached a screen shot of a simplified table which produces my answer in Column D.. BUT obviously, i want to change the value of range B11:B15 and have it refer to the matching % values in range C2:C8.  

I'm interested in dynamic what-if values in Column D.  
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Try this in D11 and copy down.



Norie, well what great and timely service.. i knew it prob was an INDEX function but i guessed rightly that an expert would cut to the quick and hand it over..  guess i need to brush up on these more..

thanks a bunch!