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Writing a complete HR web application in REACT & CSS3 only?

I'm a c# programmer, start to learn MVC. Someone had advised me not to go that way, and enough with learning react with CSS and that's it. Is that true? Is it possible to write HR web application in react & CSS only? Without the need of other server side languages such as MVC?
Please help me.
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Mohammad Alsolaiman

8/22/2022 - Mon
Chinmay Patel

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Mohammad Alsolaiman

Hello Chinmay,
I'm sorry , I forget to mention that this guy has told me about Node.js. so the complete project should be in javascript manner. REACT & CSS3 for interface and Node.js for server side!
And he says that some big companies make their website with react, CCS3 and Node.js.
Chinmay Patel

:D.... You should choose your words carefully Mohammad :).

Yes. Node.js is a good choice for the back-end. I am very skeptical about node.js myself so I am playing it safe, and not putting all my bets on it. I am observing the situation when it comes to my next choice for a large scale app. And I see Node.js and .Net Core as two options - I am sure there are others but I don't bother much outside these two. You are free to pick yours. Yes many big companies are building stuff around node.js but I am still too skeptical - I do not have any logical reason behind it. Call it the gut feeling? that's not measurable ... right? But I am staying in the middle - little bit more leaned towards .Net core as I have spent some close to 18 years in it but I am still open minded and checking out Node.js as well. If you already have not made your choice, you are free to explore both before you begin developing your app.

My only suggestion would be.. don't go in blind and unprepared. Read a book or two or twenty OR take couple of online trainings , for example, https://mva.microsoft.com has both .Net core and Node.js trainings. Do a quick, simple PoC and then decide.

All the best,
Dustin Saunders

People who advise against .NET core are probably just unfamiliar with it.  Have you asked the advisor what projects of theirs in MVC weren't successful? (i.e. Have you actually worked with it?)  Some big companies use varying technologies, but...  isn't Microsoft a big company too? :P

That's not to say Node.js isn't useful.  There isn't neccesarily a correct platform, and needs/implementation are extended variables that require more examination than a blanket reference.  What database platform?  Is this for customers who will deploy in their existing Win infrastructures?  Are there JS or .NET libraries you want to leverage?

But there isn't a "wrong", just a "different".  You're still going to be able to create nice, responsive pages using Bootstrap, CSS, JS, JQuery, AJAX, etc.  If you are a guru in C#, MVC is a short learning curve, and you're going to be able to create a nice app if you do choose it.
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Walt Forbes
Chinmay Patel

I generally don't do this but I feel safe to argue here so I will. Dustin, I don't think there was anything against .Net (Ofc not in my comment nor in Mohammad's advisor's comment) I think S/He was more inclined towards Node.Js (as we are towards .Net). I am 80% sure that Node.js will not go distant but then I surely see 20% a huge threat. To tell you the truth, I learnt WPF (and I am still learning) but I didn't even bother with Silverlight (In Dynamics CRM world it was a big deal) and I only practiced as much as I would need to go by i.e. conduct trainings and very little implementation/troubleshooting. I always advised my friends to stay away from Silverlight - even when HTML5 was no where on the horizon and I am so happy that my gamble payed it off. That feeling, I am still not getting with .Net Core vs Node.js. I feel in the end .Net Core will win but that feeling has not reached 90-95% yet.

And Hell Yeah.. Microsoft IS A BIG Company :D....

And one more thing Mohammad, MVC is a pattern - and a pattern is language/platform independent so it does not really matter what you choose.
Mohammad Alsolaiman

In fact, I believe in (best programming language is a sort of Byzantine controversy).
And the reason of asking this question is to be sure that our choice (REACT & CSS3 for interface and Node.js for server side) is better than completing in MVC which we started it a year ago.
Mohammad Alsolaiman

thanks to all of you
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