Citrix and Skype for business

Hi experts

I have performances and quality issues with xenapp and Skype for business
I read that I have to install on xenapp servers real time connector software
And on the client real time media engine

Do I have to do anything else like policy or something els

Plus we have 7.12. So do I have to install 2.1 connector because it came with xendesktop 7.12 media or any new version it is ok

And the same for client it has to be the same version on the servers or dose not matter

Kindly advice
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Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
I've found that if the Server and Client optimisation components are too far out of line with one another you will get the issue of the server-side saying it's not optimised and weirdly it can give the wrong client-version: for example if I used an older RTME on a ThinOS device it reports on the server as being the Windows Server 2016 clientside component with completely the wrong version number. Although here we're using 7.15 LTSR, I've used the relevant version of the RTME on clients and I'd suggest doing the same and matching the versions.

I would suggest using the latest version you can as they include improvements and bug fixes. As above, the most important is matching client and server.

There is good information about, e.g., audio quality policy settings here:

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sword12Author Commented:
Hi tony

We have 7.12

Do you think it is not a problem to use 2.6
On server side and client said even if we have 7.12

Plus I heard the version of agent on the workers will play role

So in my case we have the agents which came with 7.12 media  so I hope agent has nothing to do with real time connecter so I can use the latest what do you think

Please advise me
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
I see no issue with using the versions that shipped with your product. If nothing else, it guarantees supportability should you need to contact Citrix.

Once you have it all running, you can look at upgrading the components if you felt the need to.
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sword12Author Commented:
hi tony

i installed the connector on citrix xenapp image and the client software on client

but when i start skype for business on citrix i don't see the icon of hdx connector in start menu

as if nothing happing

any idea here

do i have to do anything els to make it work

like something in policy
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
No it should just work.

Which version of receiver do you have on the client your connecting to Citrix from?

Did you install the RTME on the client?

Does add/remove programs on the XenApp server show the RTC?

This is the Server add/remove programs I have

RTOC - Server Component
This is my Windows 10 client:

sword12Author Commented:
sword12Author Commented:
this in my case
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
That is interesting.

And when you sign into Citrix, you don't see the "bow tie" icon in the Citrix task bar?

'bow tie'
sword12Author Commented:
this is exactly my problem i dont see this icon on the bar

i will try to figure out why

if you have an idea pls let me know

thanks again
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
From the original article I linked to:

No bow-tie shown, either RTC isn't installed in the VDA or adequate Microsoft Skype for Business PU's are not installed on the VDA.
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
What is the Skype for Business client version installed onto the VDA?
sword12Author Commented:
mm i will check and get back to you later

thanks a lot
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Although looking through the RTME download pages, there's actually no reference to a required Skype PU until it gets to the latest RTME v2.6

That said, here we run Skype for Business Client version 16.0.10325.20082 32-bit and the RTC/RTME 2.4.100 and it works well

So I wonder if it's worth you installing the 2.4.100 versions - I cannot find anything to suggest the 2.1.200 versions won't work but it possibly won't hurt at this stage to upgrade.

Edit: Our version of SfB is the July 2018 update:

Combined, these are working well together, to give you some ideas of versioning :)

Further edit: The Skype PU's are here:
sword12Author Commented:
till now i found that i have old version of skype for business cleint installed on the golden image

but i dont know how to get the latest version to update

i found this i hope this link will help if not i need to find media to the latest version of skype cleint

i will update you
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
That MS link takes you to the same place in my last post :)

I am struggling to find a SfB version that matches that. In all of the releases, they jump from Version 1509 (Build 4229.1029) to Version 1509 (Build 6001.1034)

So either it's just a patch or the version you have dates back to 2015.

Right now, I think you are best off to upgrade the RTC and RTME components AND Skype for Business to the latest PU.

That way, you can get your components all to known working and supported versions.
Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
Just an aside, 7.12 is no longer supported. Citrix Support will not talk to you until you upgrade to at least 7.15.
sword12Author Commented:
I know that 7.12 not supported

I will upgrade to 7.15 LTRS

Anyway Citrix Support in many cases useless
Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
I call it Citrix (non)Support
sword12Author Commented:
HI Tony Johncock

sorry but i need your help

after i installed  the connector on server and the RTME on the client it work

but now i have problem when 3 or 4 users try to have conference calls only two camera appear then from time to time it switch between the uses camera in the conference

i don't know i i can change these sitings or i have to change some registry key etc

kindly advice
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Good afternoon.

That sounds like normal behaviour within SfB - it highlights the person speaking and will give them focus.

What you may need to do is change the view to content view - it's one of the icons in the top right of the video screen. See below :)

Skype for Business 2016 View
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