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Gaining access to files behind a Windows 10 local password

We have a client who's mother has recently passed away. The family would like to gain access to the files currently on the mother's old computers, but they do not know the current passwords. I would like to know the best way to accomplish this. She has 2 machines both running Windows 10?
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Two possible ways:

1. Assuming you can remove the hard drives, do so, mount in a USB Carrier, hook up to a working machine, take ownership of the User folders and copy the documents to a working drive.

2. Assuming the person used a Microsoft Account, and assuming you know the email address, log into the Microsoft Live site and attempt to change the password. That may not work because of security questions, but try. If successful, that is likely for both computers.
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I use Ghost Enterprise from Symantec and can take a image created on my console computer (this is the backup imaging server), open the image in the ghost explorer program (this is special image browser that comes with Ghost Enterprise) and view all files. I am using a older version of Ghost Enterprise, Im assuming same thing can be done with newer version.

You can then copy the files from the browser to the desktop. If you are a techie you can probably buy one or two lic (unless the min is 10) or the trial version for testing out.
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you can also try to remove the password with NTpassword