Protecting your GAL from phishing attempts

Christian Hans
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Are there any ways to secure the Global Address List in an Exchange environment? Lets say that a users mailbox is compromised, is there a way to prevent the GAL from being exported out, whether its via PowerShell or something? Once its out there, I know its up for grabs... Just thinking of ways to prevent future phishing attempts and GAL data loss and ideas...
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Server engineer
No there is no way to secure GAL. I think if a users mailbox is compromised it's because the user might have registered to an unknown website.

To prevent you can use SPF, DMARC or DKIM records for your domain.

Check whether your exchange server public IP is blacklisted in any RBL's list.

Check if exchange server is an open relay.

Check the firewall and see whether you have not allowed any other port except 443 and 25 for exchange server internal IP. I mean any request from outside network will hit your firewall and through firewall to internal IP of exchange server.

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