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AD integrated DHCP

AD integrated DHCP, Can we achieve it as we can work with AD integrated DNS services.
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Rich Weissler

I'm afraid I don't fully understand your question, please clarify.  
AD Integrated DHCP will allow DHCP servers to be registered within the domain, and it can send authenticated updates to AD integrated DNS services... if that is what you are asking.  Both DHCP and DNS can be tied into the Microsoft IPAM solution as well.
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The requirement here are the same for AD-DNS integrated services if one server goes down the DHCP services are available from the other server if we make change to one DHCP server it replicates to others, Is it possible with Microsoft DHCP services, or by making them AD integrated.
What I believe you are describing is High Availability (HA) for DHCP.  DHCP available in Windows Server has two different mechanisms to provide HA.  Configuring DHCP Failover does replicate changes between the DHCP servers.  (That replication takes place outside AD replication though.)
Can you please correct me on the following Points.

1- Installing a DHCP on a domain controller is the same as installing it on any domain join machine?
2- We require to have multiple DHCP servers available for HA, replication mechanism is not controlled by AD and DNS replication services, rather then it is managed by DHCP services?
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Rich Weissler

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DHCP is not AD integrated in the sense that the records are stored in AD like AD integrated DNS.

DHCP still has its own DB. You just authorize it via AD