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Hi Experts,
I'm looking for either a VB function, script or DOS command that should do the following
remove all spaces from the all column names of a given excel sheet (or CSV file).
this should combine two words into one like "visit date" column should become VisitDate.
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Please provide a sample input file.

Director of Technology Development, IPM
For an Excel sheet - removes spaces from headers until it hits a blank header (assumes headers begin in Column A):
Sub RemoveSpaces()
rowNum = 1
colNum = 0
Range("A" & rowNum).Select
Do While (Selection.Offset(0, colNum) <> "")
   Selection.Offset(0, colNum) = Replace(Selection.Offset(0, colNum), " ", "")
   colNum = colNum + 1
End Sub

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Thank you!
Sam JacobsDirector of Technology Development, IPM

You are most welcome ...

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