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Bringing up secondary on premise Cisco ME controller for failover

Cisco Mobility Express - I have 2 - 2802E's and a load of 2702's
One I have setup as a controller works fine, now I want to setup the second 2802 as a failover controller.

Initially I flashed it with the lightweight firmware it joined then went into my ME controller and said convert to ME, now it comes up ME capable.
That one seems to sit on the setup wizard at least when I look at the console port.

The first time I gave it some time thinking it would get the config and eventually just come up as a controller but nothing.
It does show up in ME as ME capable. I went into my controller and clicked make ME Controller it just rebooted and went to the same place.
I ended up rebooting it there essentially killing the setup wizard. It seemed to work but the secondary controller kept disappearing in ME until I rebooted and then it would show up again for a while.

I reset it and flashed it as a CWAP again, worked fine.
I had ME convert it again and this time went through the wizard and gave it the same settings as my main controller, it came up and I click Make ME controller now they are fighting back any forth I'm guessing over the management IP which makes sense so I just shutdown the second one for now.

I can't find a single document regarding bringing up a secondary controller using on premise ME unit.
I found documentation using cloud based services and using full blown WLC's but nothing in regards to what I'm using.

I found a few brief mentions about managing the failover preference. But not actually bring the second up.

I'm on the latest release just downloaded 3 days ago. I could call Cisco but last time they took 2 days to call back which I don't have as I'm leaving in 36 hours.
I thought this part would be easy but there seems to be probably a few very minor steps that I can't seem to locate anywhere in documentation.

Maybe I'm supposed to bring up the second controller with completely unique settings, or just certain unique settings I guess those are the only 2 variations I haven't tried.

If anyone can point me to a document and section, or just the steps that lays out what I felt would be a simple last step I'd appreciate it.

Lastly from brief things I have read it seems like I may need to get a certificate from my primary controller and import it into the second controller?
But I've only found 1 or 2 sentences mentioning that.


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Thanks for the reply, I didn't find that particular article with all the searching so I appreciate the link.
That is indeed what I was looking for AND what I was doing, so I think this is a bug in the newest release.

The "Make me Controller button" does nothing in regards to setting up the second controller after converting it to ME Capable.
I'll see if I can download the last release or see if there is another one that came out in the last week.

At least now I know it was pretty much as straight forward as it looked.

Thanks again!
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