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Install Acrobat Pro on Terminal Server


I need to install Acrobat Pro on a Remote Desktop Server for 3 people. There are 20 people using the server but only 3 need the full Adobe product, Reader is already installed there.

I have been researching for about 3 hours but am having difficulty getting a clear picture.

Specifically, which product do I need, the Acrobat DC Pro which you pay for monthly or annually, or Acrobat 2017 Pro which is a one-off payment? And how does the licensing work, if I buy 3 copies of the standalone I will get 3 different license keys, so is there some kind of volume license?

I installed a 7 day trial of the DC Pro on my laptop, when switching user I get a prompt to log in with my Adobe ID, which of course 17 users in the real RDS environment will not want to see. I assume I can deal with this issue (and the license agreement/serial number/key whatever) if I prepare the installation with the Customisation Wizard?

Thanks in advance

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