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Simple statment with where clause returns no results

Ok don't know what I am missing here. I have a table (MasterDataFiles) in a sql database that has three fields. GroupName, MemberSamAccountName, and GroupDescription.

As a Test I imported two records from a flat file. I receive no errors on the import. Now here is my strange issue. In the server management studio if I run a simple select statement such as Select * from MasterDataFiles it returns both records. However if I use a where clause such as select * from MasterDataFiles where GroupName = 'ShareKnowledge' it returns no records.

I cannot figure out why. I have no type o's of any kind. Just for an additional test I tried the where clause on the remaining fields and got the same result. I don't know sql that well but I have never seen this before when working with one table for such a simple statement. What might I be missing?
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