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Modify/Remove Office 365 email address

Trying to get rid of or change the smtp:emailaddress for an office 365 account...

When I look in the account on 365, I see the SMTP:emailaddress that I'm synching from local AD but I also see smtp:emailaddress too (I need to get rid of or change this).  But when I look at the local attribute for proxy address, I only see the SMTP:emailaddress...
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can you add test email ID as and check if its able to sync with O365?

U need to ensure that must be verified domain in O365.....

Else it may be possible that specifc email addres is there before you start AD account sync with O365?
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Yes, I can add  Now I have under the proxyAddresses: (I changed this from

But in O365, I have:


the smtp. is the one that I need to change as it's the original email (but I didn't have the before now) but I did add it after your suggestion above.
so now change whatever email ID you want at onpremise and sync it and check
I changed the to, synched but nothing changed in O365.  So I don't think that is being synched from AD - but I can't delete it in O365 since it "thinks" it's synched.
one more testing:
add new email address with onpremise, let sync it and ensure its populated with O365 and then delete it from onpremise and sync again and ensure its getting deleted from O365, if this works we can find out different way to delete unwanted one from O365 did show up in O365.  But I still have too.  I added the
Ended up just changing the delivery options - goal was just to prevent future emails and respond with an NDR (not an out of office).  Easier than changing the email in this case...Thanks for the help.
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there is  option: but you closed question before I tell, its last sort hence we are waiting for results of last comment, anyways...
You can delete account forcefully from cloud with Azure AD cmdlet
after that account will go in deleted users container under o365 users
once you restore it from there it become a cloud account and you can get rid of unwanted email address and resync it from existing onpremise account which is intact