Google Titan Security Key Bundle

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Wonder if anyone have experience with this and if any input?  Or if there better things out there.
Is it a good option for okta security?
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Have not used it but read on Titan is pretty robust with the secure hardware. Probably the one "dislike" is its Bluetooth low energy (BLE) version. It need to be charged and BLE device has it security challenges

BLE vulnerabilities : Recent news on two vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth chips. The vulnerability (aka BLEEDINGBIT) can be exploited by an attacker in the vicinity of the affected device, provided its BLE is turned on, without any other prerequisites or knowledge about the device. One catch is the attacker needs to be nearby the target. Nonetheless, affected vendors need to advise if patch available. Not sure if Titan is affected

Actually I am thinking of the close match - Yubikey. Similar, Yubico offers Near Field Communication (NFC) versions, instead. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC doesn’t require battery power to work with an NFC-capable device, like most smartphones. To carry another piece of hardware could be hard enough - for purpose to charge the Titan key. Usability is not in favor for latter. Also NFC can only send a signal up to a few centimeters, while Bluetooth can transmit up to 32 feet. In term of security for close proximity, Yubikey deter attacker unless gotten very close to the device and this is another plus point for Yubikey. I believe Okta is partnering with Yubico for her Okta MFA and Okta Adaptive MFA.

Would think to have watch brief in the use of how titan key as a newbie, but if you are a google cloud user  or strong support, going for this is still encourage to enhance identity for 2FA adoption.
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I also would go with the yubikey as both are FIDO standard.  I am in Canada and I cannot buy the Google Titan at all the store redirects me to Pixel products.

I've had products from Yubico before and they are good products.

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