How can I check CSS on printing?

Melody Scott
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Hi, on our category pages. there's a big gap after each row when we print. How do I track that down? Does google chrome have tools for that? Thanks!!

Update: I've discovered Chrome rendering, and it has helped a bit, but here, where I'm working with it, I still only get two rows per page:
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Two reasons. This appears several times:
<!-- =================  PRINT ONLY PAGE BREAK every 6 items =========================== -->
<p style="page-break-before: always">&nbsp;</p>

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Also there's a rule within a print media query in styles.min.css that's giving a fixed height to ".search-results .results .result".


Hi- that did it.. I would love to find a way to only break after the price, any advice on that? Thanks again,

Unfortunately page break css are very hard to use as they are not always working ok in all browser...
(available options) so for after use page-break-after

page-break-after  : auto | always | avoid | left | right
page-break-before : auto | always | avoid | left | right
page-break-inside : auto | avoid

Some are using break-after instead of page-break-after

Don't waste too much time on this...

Here is what I usually use:

page-break-inside: avoid !important;
page-break-before: auto; 

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