Json data validation!

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Hello Expert,

Could anybody please through light on following query. How json table works here !

SELECT ext.legacy_id        legacy_id,
                               ext.record_type      record_type,
                               ext.tran_type        tran_type,
                               ext.corp_id          corp_id,
                               ext.mdse_co_id       mdse_co_id,
                               json.loc             location,
                               ext.sty_cd           sty_cd,
                               ext.sty_clr_cd       sty_clr_cd,
                               ext.mkt_cd           mkt_cd,
                               ext.unit_price       unit_price,
                               ext.effective_date   effective_date
                          FROM risprc.ris_legacy_price_stg ext,
                               json_table('['||ext.excep_str_nbr||']', '$[*]' COLUMNS loc  NUMBER PATH '$') json,   --How it works?
                               TABLE (CAST (L_loc_tbl AS NUMBER_TBL)) tbl
                         WHERE ext.record_type   = LP_corp_rec_type
                           AND ext.excep_str_nbr IS NOT NULL
                           AND ext.location      = VALUE(tbl) ;

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