Adding Holidays in outlook/exchange to everyone's calendar

Ron Shorts
Ron Shorts used Ask the Experts™
What is the best method to add holidays to everyone's calendars company wide in Outlook?  

Running Outlook 2016 click to run in exchange online.  Also need to put in custom holidays?

Thanks experts!
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Systems Engineer
You would have to have delegated access to their calendars to not only view but add events too and modify etc. In order to accomplish this they would need to share these permissions with you. Depending on the size of your company this could be cumbersome, unless you have admin access. The more efficient method would be to create a "Company Calendar" and then share that one out to everyone with read access only so you can delegate schedules and its view-able by all from one entry instead of many separate ones. What is your email system? Office 365? Depending on this provider there are further options you can explore.


Email system is Office 365, running on Windows 10 with click to run outlook 2016 with 20k+ users., have share point online as well.

From what I've seen would be to create a custom holiday file (.hol), and run it as  gpo startup script (this doesn't cover any outlook online however, just local client).  Didn't see any native group policies for this, or office 365 method in exchange you could manage this though.
James BunchSystems Engineer

If you have Office 365 at that scale, I would invoke the Office 365 support to ask their recommended solution. The environments I typically work with is Outlook local and online, and they are up to 50 users per client. So a share once solution is kind of easy for my scenario, but not at 20k+ I imagine. Please keep us updated when/if they give you a solution as it may be good knowledge to pass along.

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