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Need help creating a MS Access query using Left Join

I need help creating a recordset when two tables are joined with left join.

The following query displays all the records in Parts4Sales and the matching ComponentMaster record ID.  

While I can see records which do not match a record in the ComponentMaster table, because the ID appears as blank, I can not selected them.

Here's my query:

SELECT Parts4Sales.PartID, ComponentMaster.ID
FROM Parts4Sales LEFT JOIN Component Master ON (Parts4Sales.SearchNumber = ComponentMaster.SearchNumber) AND (Parts4Sales.LineID = ComponentMaster.LineID);

My plan is to create a recordset using a query that includes only records without a match in the ComponentMaster table, and then loop through the recordset running code to create a matching ComponentMaster record.

Please help!  THanks
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I thought I had tried that before posting... but apparently made a mistake.

Thanks again, as always, Pat!
You're welcome:)