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Which of the following accountability measures do you feel the most confident?  Why?  In which do you feel most challenged?  Why?

1.  Teachers apply learning theories as they teach reading and writing.

2.  Teachers adopt the balanced approach to literacy instruction.

3.  Teachers differentiate instruction so all students can be successful.

4.  Effective teachers use pre reading, reading, responding, exploring, and applying processes to ensure that students comprehend text they read.  

5.  Effective teachers teach students how to use the writing process - prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing to write and refine their compositions.  

6.  Effective teachers determine students' independent, instructional, and frustration reading levels.

7.  Effective teachers link assessment with instruction through planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reflecting.

8.  Effective teachers prepare students for high-stakes tests without sacrificing their instructional programs.
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Where does this question come from, and why are you posting it here?

This might be appropriate for a teacher's discussion group or teacher self assessment.
I really don't think that any of us are in the position to advise you what options to choose because they surely are very personal matters of self-evaluation.  Although some of us may or may not have teaching experience or qualifications, we probably evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses differently from you.

One thing I would say of the questions is that the first one uses bad grammar:

"[With] Which of the following accountability measures do you feel the most confident [in/with]?

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