Industry 4.0 Implementation

Industry 4.0 is no longer new to us, but I would like to know a bit more on its implementation in real world case studies.

For those really had implemented (or going to implement) Industry 4.0 in their corporation's network, what things to focus and how the corporation adapt it through the whole transformation process.

Can you share your experiences in Industry 4.0 implementation?

Feel free to comment and discuss, thanks.
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
"Industry 4.0" really just means tight data feedback loops in your manufacture + control systems.

For example, Offshore oil rigs have used this level of control feedback for years, since pre-1980s when I worked offshore, for dynamic positioned ships (no anchor chain).

The implementation is simple to understand.

High/Redundant data flow from control devices.

Unsure exactly what you're asking for.

Likely best to clarify about your exact process.

Keep in mind the real answer for specific situations will be to hire someone to audit your exiting tech + processes, looking for ways to improve current productivity + lower costs.

This is better done on site, under contract as this will produces specifics, rather than generalities.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadAuthor Commented:
ideally we are try to explore ways to optimize the processes in goods delivery industry.

let's say we got existing systems that handling the daily operations, but at the same time we are trying to explore the robustness of change in such processes without(or with minimal effort in) re-writting certain programming modules. for example, some kind of SSIS concept in developing a process, with some kind of "drag and drop", user-friendly interfaces.

we would like to have some real cases how to implement this, or whether there are some existing off-the-shelf applications that assist corporation in term of business process engineering, etc?

thanks for the inputs.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
This all depends on your budget + general management will.

Best case is to setup an entirely new parallel simulator, to test new algorithms.

There are no off the shelf applications, as every process is very different.

For example, I've worked with Avionics + Offshore Drilling (deep water, no anchors) positioning systems. These processes are completely different than say... Amazon-esque order fulfillment + warehouse management or car manufacturing.

If budget is sufficient, then likely this entire project will be handled by an outside consulting firm which has likely spent many $1,000,000s + potentially decades of time creating systems + tools like you describe.

Companies in this niche keep all their tech proprietary, due to long development timelines + high cost.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadAuthor Commented:
yup, opex is one of the key considerations and wow for what you've worked with. management's will is strong but budget wise is relatively small i guess.

there are existing processes running, so we probably not going to re-invent the wheel from the scratch, but probably we can try out few proof of concepts with new approaches or new technologies.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadAuthor Commented:
think perhaps I will end up with Google Scholar and look for the resources I wanted.

will close this question couple of days later if there's no further inputs.
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