iPad vs Laptops audio quality for conference calls

Hi all,

Conference calls are made on a monthly bases at our university.  We are now relying on Zoom to conduct the communication.  Sometimes we are facing the sound issue on the laptops used for the calls.  ether remote participants cannot hear us properly or sound from the laptop is not loud enough.  If we use a speaker echo may cause the issue to the sound quality.  This became a constant issue whatever we tried to resolve this problem.  

It just crossed my mind to use the latest iPad for a conference call.  My question is, do you have experience using iPad for conference calls? how do you compare iPad and laptops considering, Sounds quality and echo factor? Do you recommend it?
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why not use a headset instead? Most of them have some sort of noise supressing that will stop the echo-ing.

rawandnetAuthor Commented:
If you have more than one person in a room far away from the device, this would not be a good practice.
A laptop is going to be for 1 - 3 people.  When you have more, you need a proper conference capable speaker and microphone setup.  Unless it's a small room with 2-3 people, you'll need an external microphone and speaker for an iPad.  It's not going to be much better for the sound quality.

Have you checked the network connection from the laptop you use?  Maybe you're not getting enough signal to get good bidirectional sound.

When you use the external speaker, is it away from the Microphone?  Do you run the zoom tests to make sure you're not echoing into the Microphone?
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