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Hallo, how can I set an HTML signature on Gmail App in my Android mobile device? I tried to copy from an other email; but it appear in new mail as plain text and not as the original.

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David FavorFractional CTO
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This is correct.

When you cut + paste, many times what you cut is converted to text.

To move the exact HTML, you'll have to...

1) Open message.

2) Select view source (how ever that works in your App).

3) Cut the actual HTML you see in the message.

4) Paste the cut HTML into your App settings.
Doesn't work. As already told, in Gmail Android App signature box the html is NOT evaluated as HTML. For instance, if I write <p>ciao</p>, I see exactly <p>ciao</p>. Other solutions, please? Thank
The Android Gmail App does not support HTML email signatures. This is an old feature request that has not been implemented, yet. Even if you use the signature configured on your PC, it gets broken. The only workaround, for now, is to use another Email App or log in to Gmail via a browser on your device.

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