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i can only login to my macbook on safe mode only not when how i does log in normally. i removed the mac from the domain and re-add and its still not working.

please help
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Hi there, I don't quite understand the question. Do you mean to say that you are not able to login to the network when the computer is in the Windows domain but you're able to to log in to the local computer?


the macbook is joined to AD, the account is fine because it can VPN into the org but cannot login to the macbook, the user have been using the macbook for years , no update was done on the macbook but as of Saturday they cannot login and the password is not expired, it unable to login to the macbook

however if we boot in safe mode we can login

hope this clears it up
Tim LapinComputer Consultant (Desktop analyst)

What error message, if any, is displayed on the Mac?  What account are you using to log in via Safe Mode?

It might be possible that the AD entry for the Mac might have become corrupted in some fashion.  Simple test:
-  Remove Mac from the AD via the console
-  Remove Mac from AD from the Mac's Users & Groups system preference
-  Reboot the Mac and login normally to the Mac via a local admin account
-  Add the Mac back to the domain as per your usual method
First, reset the SMC and the PRAM to see if there's some corruption that's interfering.

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