How to SFTP multiple file from source to dest in Linux?

Hi Expert,

I have a SFTP job which is failing while transfer file for source to dest using "put" command.  As put command only works for single file.

Here my requirement is i want to transfer all the files available in "source/dir1/dir2" and want to merge them into single file then wanna SFTP.

Note:The script should also need to check how many files are there in the source directory before merge them!

thanks in advance.
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Use mput rather than put.

Your question is not clear,

you want to merge all files into one file then transfer? Why?

Also, below is not clear:

"The script should also need to check how many files are there in the source directory before merge them!"
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
if sftp is used how about:   (sftp uses ssh links underneath, so scp should also work).

scp /from/where/ever/* user@remote_system:/to/dest/

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recursive with:
scp -r /from/where/ever/* user@remote_system:/to/dest/

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You would tar the files up at the source first, then put it on the destination

tar -czf transferfile.tgz source/dir1/dir2
then you can put transferfile.tgz in the destination.

You probably should be using rsync for this instead, as that will allow you to continue after an interruption.  rsync -az source/dir1/dir2 destination/
sftp uses ssh links underneath, so scp should also work

Or RSYNC over SSH for that matter

To recreate source directory and transfer contents - (source directory created)
rsync -avz -P --stats source-folder

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To transfer contents of source directory - (source directory not created)
rsync -avz -P --stats source-folder/

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adding "--delete" before source folder will delete files that are not in subsequent transfers or are older than what's being transferred.
Be careful with this, if you're in the wrong location you could delete important files

If the files are the same, they are skipped

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