Run Parallels as a separate user.

Arthur Cashin
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I have a Mac with Parallels for a boot camp
Partition. I want to create a user account who’s sole purpose after login is to start Parallels with the boot camp partition as full screen and should it crash or the user shut down will close the app and log out without being able to make any changes to this account. The user should not be able to reduce the screen to get to any of the other Mac software on the device If I need to maintain, I will do it from an admin account.

Any suggested startup script for this and the appropriate user settings would be appreciated.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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Just modify the bash startup file for your user to...

1) Trap + ignore all signals

2) Run Parallels (in foreground).

3) Call exit(0) at end of startup script.
If the sole purpose is to run the Bootcamp partition, why don't you just reboot into the Bootcamp partition.  That way it will only stay in Windows, and it will run faster and more robustly with all the RAM instead of just a portion of the RAM.  Logging in fully to the account and starting Parallels takes about as long as rebooting into Bootcamp.  The hardware boot sequence is quite fast now.

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