Troubleshooting UBCD4WIN

Hey everyone -- I originally came to Experts' Exchange to address a bedeviling c0000218 blue-screen error, but the discussion has kind of splintered a bit, so I'm going to open a new question.

In the original question, the consensus seems to be that the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4Win) is the best method of repairing the registry error which is preventing me from booting my computer. The original source for the program is now defunct, but it still exists around the Internet largely as freeware. Though I'm convinced that the program may end up doing the job I need, it's been a bedeviling journey just to create the necessary file(s) to carry out the process. Several attempts to create or use the program have not ended successfully so far, and I'm at wits end to understand why. I will detail one of the more recent attempts below; to follow some of the previous attempts, start with this comment on my other question; you could work upward or downward from there, I guess.

After a recent failed attempt to build an .iso file from the program, I took a closer look at the log and found a pair of errors which caused the build to fail. As suggested by another forum user who commented on my update to the original topic, it turns out that the Windows XP operating system I'd been using to facilitate the build was corrupted by a couple of missing registry files, as the image below will show.
errors-found-in-UBCD4Win-BuilderSince I'd already had some success by switching the online source material for the UBCD4WIN .exe file, I tried doing the same with the source material for the XP operating system: the original source came from WebForPC, but I switched over to GetIntoPC's link to the software, found through the PCRiver site. Using the new copy of the WinXP system, I conducted another attempted .iso build with the UBCD4WIN software, and it seemed to work -- no errors appeared, and the build seemed ready to go, but once it started, a long string of "incorrect function" messages began appearing before the process finally managed to finish. Despite apparently finishing the .iso build successfully, the end result is shown in the following screengrab:
0-bytes-ISO-file-propertiesA completed ISO file with NO INFORMATION saved to it. 0 bytes. Clearly, attempting to burn it to a disk or a USB would be pointless. As recently as yesterday evening/this morning, I've tried working with the program some more to try correcting the issue, but there's still been no real success as of yet.

Hence the new topic: acquiring the best prospective remedy for the registry error has become its own separate problem. Despite learning from early mistakes and trying some things differently, I still can't seem to get the program to work properly so that I can move into the next phase of correcting my computer's registry error. Using UBCD4WIN to fix the c0000218 error seems to be the key to the vault, but the key to the vault seems to need its own key, and it's been pretty frustrating in recent months. Again, this link should take you to my original question at about where my attempts to use the UBCD4Win and the UBCD4Win Builder began, and on down should be the earlier attempts to create the needed .iso file, including a number of helpful screen captures and relevant file attachments, such as Builder logs. The Builder log for this latest attempt will also be attached below for your consideration.

If anyone here has ever managed to use the program successfully and can recommend any means of troubleshooting this issue, feel free to comment below. Better yet, if anyone has created an .iso file of the program and can offer a downloadable attachment of it here to help move this whole process along (I've done a couple of Google searches on "ubcd4win iso" and "ubcd4winbuilder iso" recently to see if one already exists for public consumption), feel free to do so as well.

Any helpful contributions from any of you are greatly appreciated -- thanx in advance!
Andre D.Asked:
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Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I have used it for a long time in the past, but haven't used it since XP went defunct... The systems you can build it on are getting rare, as you need a 32 bit OS in the first place, and finding a pristine copy of a windows XP cd is getting hard.

Also once you get it going, the system you boot it on has to also be capable of running windows XP, and a machine that came with Windows 2000 might not work.
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Also there is Hirens.
Supposedly having all pirated software removed before someone reports me...
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Why don't you just grab the ADK or WAIK and build your own windows pe iso.  Burn the iso to disk or use something like rufus to create a bootable usb drive and work from there.
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Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Why not just create a bootable Windows 10 USB stick, and use the command prompt (Shift+F10) in setup to manipulate the registry?
Andre D.Author Commented:
Hello everyone -- my apologies for the delay in replying, but they're to be expected from time to time due to how hectic my personal life has become as of late, so I'm giving everyone a head's-up now that I may not respond very swiftly to this topic. Nonetheless, thanks for the response so far.

First, in response to Scott Silva, your take on the matter seems to make the most sense as to why I've run into so much trouble with the build; as I mentioned, the first copy of the WinXP operating system I'd used was already flawed with two missing components (according to the Builder), so the idea of needing a "pristine" copy of the system sounds very reasonable as to why it has yet to work so far. I'll also try to take a look at the Hirens Boot CD link you've provided, but as you pointed out, it's important to see if any boot CD is compatible with correcting the aforementioned registry errors with a Windows 2000 Professional system, since that's the source of the problem I'm hoping that the UBCD4WIN program could correct, to slightly clarify the issue to Misters Johnson and Johncock. But, I did manage to perform a search to find the ADK and WAIK links on the Microsoft website, so I'll try giving those resources a look-over once I have time. Truthfully, to address both your suggestions, a USB Flash Drive may be easier to apply to the computer I'm hoping to fix instead of a burned CD-ROM (a user on my other topic passed along a link to me with a method to create a bootable flash drive from the program), so I absolutely value the suggestions you've made.

Again, forgive me if I'm slow to reply, but feel free to continue chiming in -- thank you.
Andre D.Author Commented:
Of course, since my ultimate goal is to fix the registry error of which I spoke, I don't want to limit myself to one possible solution. So I want to encourage anyone who might have any insight on how to fix registry errors to visit my original topic, or, if you know of another type of software other than the UBCD4WIN (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) that can handle the task of correcting a blue-screen error, feel free to contribute your suggestions. Nonetheless, I'm still leaving the UBCD4WIN option open for now.

If anyone were to visit my other question, you'll see that I've included links to other assorted forums I've started over the years on the same subject. Trust me, you guys on the Experts Exchange are in good company of those who've been as bedeviled by this matter as I've been.
Andre D.Author Commented:
Hello everyone -- I saw that the images I added to my original message had vanished for some reason (even though the image embed codes were still there in the text), so for everyone's benefit, I've reinserted them in case anyone missed it before. I'm still working to get this thing dealt with to correct that registry error I've been discussing in another topic (this one), so I hope reinserting those images might provoke someone to offer their input on either issue. The issues are linked; solving one might help me with the other.

Again, thanks in advance, everyone!
Marc ZCommented:
Andre, can I mail you a ubcd disk? You seem to be having a rough time making one and I have 1 I made  years ago. I will make sure I can boot from it first and then mail it to you as soon as I can. Perhaps we have a way to communicate privately so you don't have to publicly share your info
its not an UBCD disk  its an UBCD4Win
Marc ZCommented:
I have one of those too.
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I would keep that transfer off list since it is basically a violation of EE rules.
Marc ZCommented:
Helping some one because they don't have the capacity to do it themselves is a violation of rules,. Nobus has helped this person for months on this, with no resolution. If I can help by mailing him an old disk I made 15 years ago, I will.  And I won't be around to help the next person. We all die sooner or later.  Sorry Andre, I guess you can't get the help you actually need here.  But again, please back up that hard drive, because those pictures are not going to stay on it forever. You will lose data, before you get this thing back up and running with that error.
Scott, what rules are violated?  i never knew such a thing was forbidden
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
The UBCD4win disk is created from an XP CD. Since XP is a licensed product, you aren't supposed to technically send what would be called "pirated software" by Microsoft...

I am all for helping him, I was just warning to not make that offer over the open forum because a moderator might see it and do something... Just looking out for you...

But if you want to bite my head off for a simple warning... Merry Christmas to you too...
tx for clearing that up
Andre D.Author Commented:
Hello all...Happy New Year!

Sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long, but I finally got this issue resolved:

It turns out that, for whatever reason, I was having trouble creating the UBCD4WIN .iso because it won't work on the Windows 10 operating system. So fair warning to anyone viewing this topic in the future, do NOT try to use this program on Windows 10, because it will not work for you.

However, it will carry out the process properly on a computer operating on Windows 7; after freeing up a significant amount of disk space late last year on my laptop l, which runs Windows 7 Starter, the software install and subsequent .iso creation went much more smoothly, as the attached text document below will show. The document outlines the process from start to finish, which went very smoothly on the very first attempt on my Windows 7 laptop, compared to the numerous failed attempts that went down earlier on my Windows 10 desktop.

Thanks a lot to every user who commented to help me out on this topic -- I assure you that your input was very valuable, and I'm glad to declare this particular issue resolved!


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Senior IT System EngineerSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Is that application is legal to use for company purpose or just personal ?
Andre D.Author Commented:
A very big thank you to all the experts, who cared enough to spare their valuable time in helping me to resolve this particular issue! Much appreciated!

Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
It is technically legal to use because you are required to have a licensed version of XP to use it. It only manipulates the files into an installed version. Most likely you would need a retail version license and not an OEM, and to remain legal you would need a license for every copy you use...
Andre D.Author Commented:
I appreciate the offer, Marc Z, but luckily I won't need to borrow your copy anymore -- I finally managed to figure out the problem, as posted earlier this morning. In reply to Senior IT System Engineer, I needed the UBCD4WIN for personal use; as posted in the original message, I've been trying to fix a registry error and needed the program to try to do so. The legal clarifications from Scott Silva were also valuable, though I wasn't around to see the posts soliciting the disk offer at the tail of the year.

Now that I finally have a disk ready to use, I just need to conduct the fix I've mentioned -- now that this topic has been officially answered and closed, please feel free to visit my other thread: c0000218 Blue Screen Error (2000 Pro)

Thanks so much!
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