What cables and adapter combinations do you keep on hand?

We’re restocking our cat 6 preterminated data cables.

We’ve ordered from monoprice for years and like them.  Anyone have a better vendor we should try?

Wonder what else we should add in the way of adapters and cables. Usb 3.0? A? B? C? Male? Female? In what combinations <g>

HDMI to Mini DisplayPort? VGA to hdmi? Mini hdmi to vga?  

Haven’t dealt with DPI connectors in a long time.  But there’s loads of vga monitors and newer computers don’t have vga ports

I’d like to be able to be at a client and get the adapter or cable I need from the truck and not have to order it and make a return trip.

Does anyone have a list they could share?
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what is the purpose of this question?  do you have a repair service, or maintain a site?
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
We do break fix / MSP for small businesses
Your own field experience should give you a good idea of what kind of leads, cables, and adapters you should keep to hand. The items you suggested are all useful, especially DP and HDMI kit, as these are becoming increasingly popular. It will mean tying up more money than you'd like to ensure that you have all the various flavours of adapter for each interface, but this is still cheaper than wasted visits and subsequent revisits! Small businesses are notorious for wringing the last ounce of service from their hardware, and if this means having legacy and current equipment freely mixed then not to worry, the repair guy will make it all work...
For small business Cat6 seems overkill; I've never done a Cat6 installation for a small business customer because there hasn't been a need to do so. I have some Cat6 plugs and sockets just in case, but I've never had to use them. Cat6 cable is less forgiving than Cat5e and less flexible, so getting it into cable-hostile environments is even more of a pain. Also, no small business I've worked for needs 10Gb LAN connectivity, and certainly isn't going to pay the premium prices demanded for such equipment.
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your business should show you the ones you used most - keep a list of the orderings, and you have what you need
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
I suggest looking into the Slim CAT6 Patch Cables for rack enclosure cabling. They are da'bomb! :D

We use VELCRO Plant Ties for all cabling wraps as they are 1/10th the price of the same stuff for IT. We do use the VELCRO heavy load IT versions for cabling up PDU (Power Distribution Unit) cables at the back of the rack though.

We keep at least two of the following in the rear passenger boot under the floor mats in the truck (Dodge RAM):
 + 6' HDMI-->DVI, DisplayPort (DP) --> DVI
 + 6' DP --> HDMI, HDMI --> DP adapter cables
 + 6' HDMI native and DisplayPort native
 + MiniDP --> DP adapter
 + MiniHDMI --> HDMI Adapter
 + StarTech DP Hub (1 DP --> 3 DP)
 + StarTech USB3 Hubs ST4300USB3 & ST7300USB3B
 + 5-Port Gigabit switch (helps when needing to set up multiple systems on-site)
 + 5', 7', 10', and 15' CAT6 Patch cables (usually regular size and 2 of each)
 + IT Technician's Kit (screwdrivers replaced with Snap-On high quality)
 + Rack Enclosure lock nut, screws, and washers

The most important tool of the bunch though is a static wrist strap and coiled cable with alligator clip in the end. Always be grounded. :)

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks Philip!  

Nice to see someone had a list.  I didn’t think it was asking too much!

How do you like monoprice?

Thank you!
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
We're in Canada so source through distribution as the shipping and US dollar exchange rate kill any real discount we'd get with them.

Our US clients use them a lot.
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