MS Word file cannot display all pages in Print layout

Costas Georgiou
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One of my MS Word documents has at least 80 pages of text and images and more. I was given a template and upon filling it, I finally had 80 pages. But now I can only see 4 pages in the Print layout. However everything shows up in Web layout or when I upload and open the file in Google docs. Downloading the full file doesn't get rid of the problem.  If I change the file to older formats I can see the contents but are rearranged and I don't want that.
I wan't to know what causes this and I I can see all the information back in Print layout.
Please advise. Thanks.
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Difficult to diagnose without the document. However, try opening the document in one of the other formats, and saving it as a new file in the current format. This should force a rebuild and remove any minor corruption that might be in  the document.
Costas GeorgiouNetwork Administrator


Thanks. Although solved it soon after posting this question, this indeed was an answer. Credit goes to you as well for the right answer.

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