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VM Forensics

In our test/dev lab we are running vSPhere 6.0, 6.5 and 6.7 on different platforms.

We are looking into how to perform forensics on VMs (OVFs, Snapshots, etc.) off line.

Does anyone know of any products in the VMware portfolio or partner products that may be a good option for this use case?
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David Johnson, CD
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Forensics on a virtual disk is exactly the same as with a physical disk.
It's actually a bit easier since it's already a file that you can more easily "clone" and back up without having to pull out disks.
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thanks,,,can you provide examples or tools on the best approach to do the forensics
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Pau Lo

Encase and FTK are common.
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thanks for these tips....

We use Veeam and have VAS.

The Enterprise and Enterprise Plus options provide a tool called DataLabs (sandbox) that also may be used in conjunction with tools