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Chrome Browser hangs on Window 10 desktop

We have a number of new Window 10 (64bit, Education version) desktops and Chrome browser is hanging whilst trying to load pages.

The profiles are new,  Chrome has been reset, reinstalled and is up to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

I have Chrome Version 70 running here on my Windows 10 Pro laptop. It has not failed to work over the last couple of years I had this machine.

Have you loaded legacy software or antivirus?   Take one problem computer, uninstall the Anti Virus temporarily, restart and check Chrome.

Check what legacy or possibly non compliant software you may have installed.

What you might do is take one machine, install Windows 10 fresh and update it.
Update BIOS, Chipset and all drivers.
If you use Microsoft Office, install that.
Do not install A/V. Use Defender at this point.

Install Chrome 64-bit and test. It should run fine. Is this true for you?

Now start installing your software slowly and testing at each step.

Please let us know.
Andrew Leniart

Hi matedwards,

A lot of people have already been helped to resolve Chrome problems by using an article I wrote about how to fix Google Chrome related issues here:

Resolve Chrome Issues 99% of the time using this method!

I'm quite confident that if you follow the steps in the above article, your Chrome issues should disappear. In the event that you still have issues after going through the steps I've described above, please feel free to ask any follow-up questions here and I'll be happy to answer them as best I can for you.

I hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
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Thanks John,

I will check which version of Chrome it is, but I know I have updated it on a number of machines.

I am only running Windows10 with the built in Window Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials (whichever it's called!) antivirus..??

There are no legacy apps. Office 2013 is 32bit as that is what was recommended.

Anything from the mid-60's version to Version 70 runs in Windows 10.  Office 2013 32-bit should be fine. I use Office 2106 32-bit.

Try the steps I suggested on one machine and see what happens.

Thanks Andrew, I will run through your instructions on a test machine tomorrow.
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Thanks again, John..

I will check Chipset and BIOS.

I would like to add that when Chrome is hanging, I open the same window in Edge and it is blisteringly fast!

So, I do not believe it is a connectivity, ip, dns, cache, memory or disk issues...

I use both Edge and Chrome together without any issue.

Thanks John, but all of my users have to use Chrome as we have Google Apps for Education, now known as Gsuite.

They have reported that Edge doesn't work well with Google Drive.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Andrew Leniart

So, I do not believe it is a connectivity, ip, dns, cache, memory or disk issues...

Suggest you try ruling a few of those out as a cause before doing other troubleshooting steps matedwards

To clear the cache, open up a DOS command prompt

Press your Windows Key and type CMD then hit your Enter key
A DOS window will open. In there;
Type ipconfig /flushdns and then hit your Enter key
You should get the following response

Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

Now renew the IP of the machine

In the same DOS window, type ipconfig /release * and hit your Enter Key
Now type  ipconfig /renew and hit your Enter Key
Windows will respond by giving you a list of Ethernet and/or Wifi connections
Now type Exit and hit your Enter key to close the DOS window box

Test again - if the problem still exists, do the following;

To totally rule out IP and DNS as the cause, try forcing a Static IP and DNS setting in Windows 10.

Click once on the Network Icon in your Systray at the bottom right of your screen
Click the Network & Internet settings link
On the window, the opens, click Network and Sharing Centre
On the top left side of the next window that opens, click Change adapter settings
Right-click the Ethernet Adapter that you are using and select Properties
In the Ethernet Properties box, do the following:

1. If enabled, disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) by removing the tick as shown below

2, Double Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to bring up its Properties box as shown below

Ethernet Properties Window
3. Now on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window that opens;

Click on "Use the following IP address:"
"Use the following DNS server addresses:" buttons as shown below

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties Settings Windows
On the green highlighted fields shown above, provide:

A valid IP address:  (This will differ depending on how your LAN is configured)
Subnet mask:  (This is usually
Default Gateway:  (This is usually the IP address of your Router)

Preferred DNS server:  (Check your Router for what Primary DNS it is using or just try - or alternatively, check with your ISP)
Alternate DNS server:  (Again, check your router - or leave blank if no secondary DNS is being reported by your router)

Once done, click the OK button to save the settings, and then click OK again to close the other window.

I'd suggest you now restart Windows 10 and test again to see if that's helped resolve the problem. If it did, then you will know the issue was to do with one of the following 2 things;

1. Problem with obtaining Automatic IP settings
2. Problem with obtaining Automatic DNS settings

Note: You can very easily reverse what you did above by simply clicking the "Obtain an IP address automatically" and the "Obtain DNS server address automatically" radio button if the above process didn't help resolve the problem.

If none of the above helps, report back and we'll do some more troubleshooting so let us know how you go.

I hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew

Thanks for all the input and I have done as you've all suggested, however, Chrome stills seem to hang on pages when Edge or Firefox doesn't.??!!  And, it still seems to be a Windows 10 issue, as Win7 and OSX are fine.

I've also noticed the CPU goes up to 30%-35% every time it a page hangs. When the page eventually loads the CPU usage drops back to its normal baseline and with occasional spikes .

Thanks again for any more suggestions.
Andrew Leniart


matedward, can you confirm you followed and did "ALL" the steps suggested in my article before we continue here? That "should" have resolved this problem, so if you didn't do everything I suggested (including renaming the folders before reinstalling and then checking after reinstalling each and every extension, please do so.

Let me know ok?

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Thanks Andrew,

1. I uninstalled Chrome from Control Panel > Programs and Features.
2. I renamed the folder AppData > Local > Google > Chrome to AppData > Local > Google > Chrome.old
* There wasn't a Chrome folder in AppData > Roaming
3. Restarted the PC
4. I reinstalled with the latest x64bit version (70.0.3538.102)
5. I don't have any extensions enabled (below)

Did I miss anything?

Many thanks
Andrew Leniart

Hi matedwards,

Did I miss anything?

Nope, from your description it sounds like you did everything perfectly. Check Chrome's performance now by going to a few websites - it should be performing as expected and much faster.

That confirmed, simply restore your Bookmarks and then check once again after doing that.

If still no problem, reinstall your favourite extensions "one at a time" and check Chrome's performance after adding each extension to ensure it hasn't caused issues. Continue this process with the remainder of your extensions and check performance after instaling each one "before" installing the next. If performance degrades, disable the extension you just installed before testing and move onto the next one.

All of those steps are also described in my article as well. Let me know how you go, I'm fairly confident your Chrome related issue should now be resolved :)

Regards, Andrew

I noticed that when I fired up Edge (as Chrome was hanging) it loaded the page like lightening, but also, Chrome then loaded the page in the background.
I found this article and it appears that a Windows 1803 update "breaks" a registry key that cryptsrv is dependant upon. The cryptsrv service then goes into a loop - which explains the high CPU usage.

It would appear you need to take ownership of the key, delete it and then make sure it is recreated with default permissions.


I have tried on one test Windows 10 machine and will monitor the results.

Many thanks for all of your help.
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