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Use Outlook from home with Exchange at work?

I have a Windows PC that a user is going o take home
it on our Small Business Server 2011 Standard which includes Exchange server 2010
it's using his account

Outlook email account
Server: servername.domain name.domain.pvt
Under more setting
Exchange proxy settings
"Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" is enabled
proxy server MSSTD:

What do I change on the Outlook email account so the user can continue to  use his Outlook from home?

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For this to work will require you have a public DNS -> IP lookup, then all should work... well... if person accessing from home has their end setup correctly.

Your work system will also have to be publicly accessible, so internal only systems will require setting up something like an ssh proxy chain.
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Well my smart phones have no problem get to Exchange using my DNS https:\\ also Remote Web Access through a browser works fine https:\\\OWA or https:\\remote 

How do I get an Outlook to work this way when away from the office where Exchanged is hosted
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If you have a third party certificate with and updated in SAN entry of cert and also you have a host A record for autodiscover then I think this will work with home network as well.